May 23, 2022

Archives for October 2010

Groupon IPO Still

Groupon finaly launches with the IPO. slots

Dropbox Raises $250 Million

Upstart Start Up Dropbox raises $250 Million in second round financing. Venture capitalists are willing to bet a quarter-billion dollars that the four-year-old upstart can take on tech heavyweights like Amazon, Apple and Google in online digital file storage world knows at The Cloud. Founded in 2007 by two MIT grad students, Arash Ferdowsi and […]

Google Retires Blogger – Picasa Brands

We have learned that Google is planning to re-brand (change the name) of its popular Picasa photo management service to Google Photos, and its Blogger blog platform to Google Blogs.  This is not a big surprise, as Google is not the best at coming up with cool names for it’s services anyway. Google acquired Picasa […]

Alibaba Buys Yahoo

Alibaba Buys Yahoo… well wouldn’t this be interesting. I’m sure Jack Ma would love to get his mitts on Yahoo, a bell-weather US company. Sure profits are down a bit and Yahoo is essentially on the way down. I wouldn’t count them out. They still have tons of subscribers, traffic, and revenue, which is what […]