May 23, 2022

Inetglobal Comes Roaring Back

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iNetGlobal, Internet Service company, and a powerful force in Online Advertising comes roaring back. What’s the old expression, ” In like a Lion out like a Lamb?”  Well iNetGlobal has come Roaring back in like a Lion.

iNetGlobal Internet Services For Small Business

After a brief “Hiatus” iNetGlobal is back. Their new Acesse Search Engine is now consistently ranking in the top 500 web sites in the world, according to Alexa. Their iRewards program is really catching on as more people from around the world are discovering the advantages of searching with Acesse.Com.

iNetGlobal markets Online Services mainly to the (SMB) small and home based business market,  through independent sales consultants in a Direct Sales, or Network Marketing type structure, similar to Amway or Herbalife.

iNetGlobaliNetGlobal, not unlike both Amway and Herbalife, who have gone through a reorganization, and have come back to become 2 of the biggest companies in the history of the Direct Sales industry, is on track to join the ranks of these top sales companies in the world.

While other “Me Too” competitors have popped up, no one can compare to iNetGlobal, who is in a class by itself. Now iNetGlobal is back and better than ever. Their proprietary AdView platform now hosts over 50,000 advertisers, from around the world, racking up millions of impressions.

The business is expanding Internationally with the bulk of new users in Asian, and Russian markets. As their revenues are steadily increasing this is a company to watch. The parent company Inter-Mark Corporation is starting to get the attention of Venture Capital groups, and has it’s sights set on a possible IPO in the next 2 years.

This is definitely a company to watch!

iNetGlobal is Back!