January 26, 2022

LinkedIn Today Launches

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LinkedIn TodayEver wonder what your connections on LinkedIn are reading about. Well LinkedIn Today lets you discover what the world’s professionals are reading and sharing. Designed as a standalone website, where you can browse through some of the top articles that LinkedIn thinks you’ll find interesting.

The service works by aggregating news from industries, connections and sources that you follow. And, it appears to be working, driving massive traffic to the content sites.

The service pushes articles to your home page as Top Headlines. It works via a “Voting” algorithm that attempts to match articles to your interests.  The major focus here is on Business, there’s nothing about Lady Ga Ga, or Britney Spears (yeah).

When someone “Shares” an article, it is counted as a “Share” designated by a blue banner. You can click on the banner and see all of the people who have publicly “Shared” the article. These “Shares” are used to calculate who may be interested in a specific article.

There are several ways to “Share” an article.

  • One is the Share an update bar, which requires you to type in the URL of the article.
  • Another is by “Sharing” on Twitter.
  • And if you have installed the LinkedIn Browser bar, you can simply click the “Share” button on the bar. (easiest way to “Share”)
  • Another way is with the “Share” widget.
  • You can also “Privately – Share” articles with your contacts.

You can vote for an article with the “Like” button. And, of course there is an “App” for LinkedIn Today so you can get it on your mobile. LinkedIn has also formed partnerships with Twitter and Stumble Upon to share” content.

All in all this is a well thought feature, and a great addition to LinkedIn.



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