January 26, 2022

Motorola Mobility Buyout

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In one of the most important Technology events this year is the buyout of Motorola Mobility by Google. What the future will be for Motorola as a division of Google remains to be seen. In a discussion with ZD Net‘s Jason Hiner and Technologizer editor Harry McCracken they called this the most important acquisition in the technology space since the HP-Compaq $25 billion deal a decade ago.

Motorola Mobility

In recent years, as a late adopter to Smartphones, Motorola has lagged behind competing handset manufacturers. Though they have had strong showing as a supplier to Verizon Wireless,  in their introduction of the Droid and more recently the Photon.

What may be even more important than the handset business, is the over 17,000 Patents that Motorola holds on mobile technology.

The Google Android operating system was vulnerable to massive  litigation problems as Microsoft, Oracle, and Apple were all bearing down on Google as well as Android partners Samsung and HTC over patent infringements. Now this may even the playing field for Google in the Patent Wars.

But don’t count out the mobile devise business, now the Motorola Mobility acquisition will add over 19,000 new employees with serious supply chain, customer service, and hardware development skills. So when Google is ready it can develop it’s own cutting edge Android device like the Droid, the Photon, or Motorola Xoom.


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