May 23, 2022

Amazon Kindle Fire Smokin Hot

Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos¬† unveiled their new tablet computer, the Kindle Fire, yesterday at a presentation in New York. An impressive showing for the newest Kindle product that is a serious rival to the Apple iPad. With great features, and a low price point, one of the most impressive things about this new […]

Stingray Mobile Tracker Is Scary

The Stingray Mobile Tracking device by Florida-based defense contractor Harris Corp is causing a lot of controversy, raising questions about whether this type of device violates Constitutional rights. Recently in the news, a Stingray was used to track a wanted fugitive, known as “The Hacker“to his home. The Scary thing is that this devise is […]

H-P TouchPad Sold Out

Just days after we reported Hewlett-Packard (H-P) would Dump The PC business, they have decided to do another run of TouchPads. HP decided to clear out the inventory that had piled up at retailers, by reducing the price from $399.00 to just $99.00. Well, buyers went crazy and the stores sold out overnight, prompting the […]

Steve Jobs Is Not Dead

With all the hype over Steve Jobs resignation from Apple, you would think he died. With all the eulogy’s from the media and the blogs, you wonder what’s really going on. We all know his health has been failing for years, and it’s really no surprise, it’s just finally come around to the day we […]

HP Dumps The PC

Computer manufacturing giant Hewlett Packard is calling it quits. The world’s largest personal-computer maker, is now exploring a spinoff of its PC business. This sudden change highlights how the market has moved away from the computers that so long dominated the industry, toward software and mobile devices. They also plan to abandon efforts to sell […]

Kodak Looks To Sell Patents

Kodak has announced that they are interested in selling 1,100 (10%) of their Patents. Kodak hired Investment Bank Lazard, the firm that handled the Nortel patent sale, to shop the deal. The investment community sees this as a potentially profitable move for the company, and Kodak shares soared 20% after the announcement. Kodaks CEO Anthony […]

Motorola Mobility Buyout

In one of the most important Technology events this year is the buyout of Motorola Mobility by Google. What the future will be for Motorola as a division of Google remains to be seen. In a discussion with ZD Net‘s Jason Hiner and Technologizer editor Harry McCracken they called this the most important acquisition in […]