January 26, 2022

Alibaba Buys Yahoo

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Alibaba Buys Yahoo… well wouldn’t this be interesting. I’m sure Jack Ma would love to get his mitts on Yahoo, a bell-weather US company. Sure profits are down a bit and Yahoo is essentially on the way down. I wouldn’t count them out. They still have tons of subscribers, traffic, and revenue, which is what all Internet companies are looking for.

Alibaba - Yahoo

YahabaAlihoo…  Yahoo already owns 40% of Alibaba, a merger may not be a bad idea!

The Trevis Team has reported that:

With the Alibaba Group touted as one of the leading contenders to buy Yahoo,  who were recently entertaining the idea of a Merger with AOL, the China-based e-commerce giant could gain back control of its 43% stake held by Yahoo and make its splash in the U.S. market in one fell swoop.


As an online advertising giant, Yahoo is still an industry leader, despite the dismissal of its former CEO Carol Bartz’s ouster and intense competition from Google and Facebook.

Since Jack Ma said he is “interested” in buying Yahoo Inc. he has been approached by private-equity firms and others about a potential deal.

Ma let the “Cat Out Of The Bag” Friday to an audience at a “China 2.0” event at Stanford University. After Mr. Ma’s comments, made Friday to an audience at a “China 2.0” event at Stanford University, it wasn’t clear over the weekend whether Alibaba had taken formal steps toward a purchase of Yahoo.

Ma’s spokesman said about Mr Ma’s remarks,  “they speak for themselves.”

Of course, the Yahoo spokesperson has declined to comment. online casino norsk