May 23, 2022

Facebook to Face The Music

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Facebook is planning on changing the design of it’s social networking website to add an online Music and Videos feature. This will be integrated into user profile pages, and used in much the same way people already use the social network to share personal media like photos and videos. At first blush this sounds pretty cool!

This new move appears to be part of a larger effort at Facebook to enhance their service by allowing users to discover different types of media content on the site.

Facebook has revealed  that it will begin allowing online music services such as Spotify AB and Rdio Inc. to publish user activity on Facebook pages, much like actions such as adding friends or “liking” websites.

The new feature will be seen as a tab on your profile that will not only show a list of your most played songs, but allow your friends to listen to your playlist and even share these songs with their friends. The feature will enable users to share music, videos and television content.

Facebook will allow you to see what your friends are watching online, like on Netflix or allow you to  see what they’re listening to.

The Facebook initiative is designed to put them in the Media Content business, by allowing users stream free music or an unlimited amount of music for a monthly fee.

Facebook will compete with others like Apple, Google and Amazon who have all recently started “cloud” music services that let users upload their personal music collections to remote servers and listen to them remotely

This is just after Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros. movie studio has begun renting movies on Facebook. Users can watch movies, such as “The Dark Knight” and “Yogi Bear.” Warner Bros. charges 30 to 40 Facebook credits for the rentals, with the site taking a 30% fee—its standard cut of transactions using its proprietary currency. A Facebook credit is worth 10 cents.

If finalized, these new changes could be announced at Facebook’s f8 Developer Conference in late September.


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