November 28, 2021

Google Retires Blogger – Picasa Brands

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We have learned that Google is planning to re-brand (change the name) of its popular Picasa photo management service to Google Photos, and its Blogger blog platform to Google Blogs.  This is not a big surprise, as Google is not the best at coming up with cool names for it’s services anyway.

Google Picassa - BloggerGoogle acquired Picasa in 2004 for an undisclosed sum. Its technology, which can be downloaded or used online, helps users edit and manage photos. In 2003, Google acquired Blogger owner Pyra Labs, who’s founder Evan Williams along with Biz Stone, went on to develop Twitter.

There’s no doubt that Google’s decision to rebrand Picasa and Blogger is the result of its desire to “unify its brand.” Along with the new social project, Google+  the search company already has several services that use its Google branding, including Google Docs and Google Apps.

Google plans to rebrand Picasa and Blogger in the next four to six weeks. We hear they have no plans to rename YouTube, which already has strong brand recognition. The search company previously offered a Google Video service but shut that down earlier this year.

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