May 23, 2022

AOL Yahoo Merger Deja Vu

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Well the biggest news last week was all about AOL and Yahoo. First, AOL has stressed relations with the newly acquired TechCrunch over dumping founder and former editor-in-chief Michael Arrington. Then the Yahoo debacle  over firing CEO Carol Bartz over the phone.

Yahoo - AOLNow, Bloomberg is reporting that AOL CEO Tim Armstrong is talking with advisers to Yahoo about possibly merging the two companies now that Bartz is out after she “rebuffed” merger offers last year.

Dega Vu, are we in some mysterious time wharp here, could this be for real? A flashback to 2008?

Graham James, a spokesman for AOL, and Kim Rubey, spokeswoman for Yahoo, declined to comment.

With AOL’s market value at about $1.6 billion, while Yahoo’s is about $18.2 billion, would this deal make sense? With Bartz out of the picture Yahoo could acquire AOL make Armstrong the CEO of the combined company. Or Not!

Armstrong is struggling to turn AOL around, and this could be big for them, but may not be the best deal for Yahoo! Time will tell, where this goes, if anywhere CNBC is reporting on its Twitter feed that a source close to Yahoo said that “Yahoo has no interest in a deal with AOL. “


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